Rajawali Homestay Sleman. Photo Image License

Right Use Photo

any kind photography you do, learn method license photo is very important for grow and improve income business your photography.

In the internet era when this is easy for who just for download and use picture by illegal both online and print, make agreement license photography impermeable air as tool your best for get fair compensation on your job.

Rajawali Homestay Slemanbecome agent or authorized for license image. Like, party license Rajawali Homestay Slemanimage as following:

Image can used by commercial

Image can used by who only and we have right exclusive

Images allowed use it forever without limitation time

Picture not allowed for sale buy it without to the knowledge of RODA Statistics

Information Important

What Difference Between Rights Copyright and License ?

Difference Among right copyright and license is when you have right created, you have actual photo and decide what to do conducted with him. Whereas license means you rent right for use your photo.

Consider this :

License photo / picture like rent building office  

Right create photo / picture like have building that 

This means that owner right create always have right for decide where and how picture they could use. Usually , photographer consumer no once sell right create on picture them .

License Free Royalty vs License Managed Right

Now let our see difference Among term law license free royalty’s vs managed licenses rights, as well use commercial.

License Free Royalties 

License free royalty means you give people who buy license right for use draw your Rajawali Homestay Slemanas many times as they are want without must pay cost addition whatever.

However , you can limit it's on size picture certain . For example , you can license it so appearance so that your clients can use and print copy as much as they want from picture measuring 10x12 inches , but must buy license new for use version more pictures big .

Managed License Right 

On the other hand, managed licenses with right means that clients who buy type license this have right exclusive on an image. Rajawali Homestay Sleman photographer does not could license photo certain that to client another .

However , you can make agreement Specific time with decipher that client could use it by exclusive During period time certain . And if they want to extend period this, they must buy license new.

Other possible agreements possible including give right first to your client but allow you to sell return picture the after they use it. Or right use one time if need photo for destination certain.

with one from license this, it's up to you to explain as clear as possible about provision license about how client could use your image. Remember that this no means you divert right create or ownership photo .

License Use Commercial

License use commercial required If your client intends use photo your property in advertisements, catalogs, brochures, or channel marketing or sale commercial other. If so , your contract must be explain that they could use photo licensed for destination commercial .

Besides that, agreement license this should too covers possibility limitation or more details more you want to add to use commercial .

Provision General from Agreement License Photo

Depending on the scenario and the client you are working with, the agreement license use picture for RODA Statistics` photography can simple or containing complicated terms and boundaries. _

For example, the following is a number of term general must include in contract :

The parties , including name official them and name company 

is agreement that exclusive or non- exclusive

Cost license or total payment

Permission that is how and where to use picture 

Period time how long is the client allowed use photo

And if There are Limits

Another Way to Protecting Your Images Online

If you have online portfolio or post your image on another website, here is a number of another way to protect interior photo or your exterior from use illegal :

Add watermark to _ your photo

Do not once share resolution files high , instead of always upload picture compressed

Use code stem level carry on

Add right your copyright to metadata

If you have online portfolio , include page provision use

Also, read the terms of the website where you submit your picture

As photographer and owner business, make sure for Keep going follow new Google Images update. Google often make changes to the algorithm, so there is good make it routine for check update new.

For example, in update 2020, Google Images start adding badge " Can Licensed " on image in search picture During photo the enclose correct information.

With so, people will knowing that information license available for picture that and them could clicking link for get more details about method use picture that . For more details , see Google Image SEO Documentation .


We hope information in i explain method license photo Rajawali Homestay Sleman and types of agreement license what is used.

By overall, more many the rights you give to clients who buy your image, the more much you can bill. Even though you may want to adapt your price depends on whether you sell to company big or business small.

Remember that license your image is separate from cost creative or your hourly rate as Rajawali Homestay Sleman photographer. Cost your creativity compensates you for your time, preparation, travel and equipment, while cost your license is for use your photography.